I'm going to show you the different equipment are going to need if you're a homeowner 

and you want to take care of your pool. 

What is used to clean pools

First, you're going to need a leaf break. I would recommend a high-quality leaf rake and get the leaves off the 

top and bottom of your pool. I like the purity pool leaf rake they're made here in the USA, and you have a large 

square you can also go with our more substantial leaf break this is a 20-inch long leaf break. 

The period pool makes several different types and sizes of leaf break different back configurations. 

I use a sweet piece pool brush on my pool ground, and this brush has been specially designed to add more 

weight as to brushing along the size of the bottom of the pool making brushing your core very easy. T

he bristles are also very long-lasting and chemical resistant. 

How to maintain your pool yourself

I recommend the high-quality pool this will come in handy when you're brushing your vacuum in your pool or skimming it. I like the dually by skin light and make the best and most durable loopholes. If a plaster pebble tech or fiberglass pool I would recommend using the Pentair probe. A pro back at the professional quality that I came with a scroll wheel here it also is weighted, so it's easy to vacuum the walls in the bottom of the pool. I also would recommend getting a professional pool hose. This one here is a smoothbore pool hose, so that's high vacuum hoses will cavitate under the pool suction which will cause problems while you're vacuuming. A great way to save time on your pool maintenance every week.

So now I'm at a cleaner is a good investment for your pool to keep it clean every week. I like the water tech pool blaster line of battery-operated cleaners you have an above-ground pool or if you have a pool with a filter and you want to vacuum your spa. This is a great way to do it. You can also spot back in your pool with this cleaner this is a convenient and effective way to vacuum out your pool or spa since there's no cords or hoses you attach it to your pool pole. You'll be able to vacuum out your poor spa. So they make maintaining your port usually I suggest getting professional quality equipment.

Over some various testing equipment for your pool water chemistry. You get a quick reading in your pool to see where the chemical levels are using test strips and test strips are very easy to use all you have to do is match the color with the reading from your pool. And I also recommend getting a reagent type test kit to get a more accurate reading in your pool. So a reagent type test kit uses chemicals or dyes to give you an indication of what the chemistry level is in your pool. You can start by using a basic test kit like this one here does your chlorine your bromine your pH and ask the man and also does your alkalinity. If you're starting out doing your pool, this is a great basic test kit to get. 

Using professional test kit

I would also recommend getting a more professional test kit is the Taylor kit 2006 fast EPT. this particular test kit does your free chlorine your total chlorine your pH and acid the man does cyanuric acid, alkalinity, and calcium hardness and also invests in the color cue pro 7. It's also a great test kit uses a photometer to give you a digital readout for your free chlorine, total chlorine, its bromine. Also your ph öcalan me calcium hardness and cyanuric acid these electronic testers I'm a dwarf going to cool professional. Come over if you're a homeowner with a saltwater pool. This is a great way to get your salinity or salt level in your pool knowing there's not level in your pool is a great way to keep your salt system operating correctly. You decided to stick with the necessary test kit you can also get a free-standing cyanuric acid tester it's a great week at your cyanuric acid level in your pool.

All right I use the multi-torque socket set to get the pool filter clamps off quickly on my pool. So to make filter cleaning easy, I recommend purchasing one for your particular filter type. So if you clean and maintain your swimming pool filter I would suggest investing in the multi-torque and make your screen cleaning much more comfortable and faster. If you have a cartridge filter for your spa boy, I definitely will look into getting two aqua comb. It on my pool route it's a great way to clean your screen quickly and effectively.

This video can be used to clean your pool

What is used to clean pools